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Jasper Corner Photo Gallery
Working BEE 1/12/13
More great work at Jasper Corner.....
In anticipation of the installation of the new window our J (Jasper) team of skilled tradies and willing assistants spent a good part of their Sunday installing the new window frame ready for the stained glass.
Already, with just the clear outer glass in place, we have a glimpse of how wonderful our new window will be.
While the J Team tackled the technical tasks the Mould Brigade were industriously scrubbing the walls and ceiling of the hall kitchen and grouting up all those cracks. The stainless steel benches had a polish and a few hard to access areas a good scour and sweep.
My sincere thanks to the two Peters, Brian, Alan , Ross, Mick, Hugh and Colin and Louisa for once again lending us her mobile scaffold.
Special thanks to Peter Garrard for to co-ordinating the installation project and to Hugh who is  constantly completing  all those little tasks which must be done, no matter how unattractive (I refer specifically to the septic here!) Hugh has also refurbished the 2 small pews in the church. They went to his workshop as almost throwaway items and have returned beautifully restored and polished.
We are fortunate to have all these people in our community.
Elizabeth Johnstone.

photo by Gaby Borgardts