Big Hill Shakedown
blending dirty circus with ska and reggae.

When some bands start out in the jam shed it's usually just a couple of covers and "see how it goes" from there. This was never the case with The Big Hill Shakedown. Creating their own genre, an enigmatic sound that was unique and original was always the driving force behind this band.
They have named their new music Dirty Circus to reflect the emotional theatrical soundscape of powerful guitars backed up by solid funky bass lines and creative off beat drum rhythms. This is all topped off with Rachael's smooth mysterious vocals and some mind-blowing violin solos.
The musicians that form this eclectic bunch are from a range of diverse backgrounds. Pete and Jess on guitar provide the grunge rock influence. Taka on bass has the funky flavor. Then there is Tony on drums who has a long history in rockabilly and swing music providing the crazy beats. But the star of the show is Rachael's sweet vocals and engaging violin lines that make the sound complete.
The band has spent the last few months working on their originals and putting down some recordings which will eventually be out on their soon to be released Debut Album entitled "Dirty Circus"