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          THANK YOU!

The following people and organisations generously contributed through donation of their time, talents or resources to the raising of funds to purchase and renovate the old church building and land in Federal.  This was an outstanding community initiative which has secured the Old Church for the Community in perpetuity.

Kelly Fletcher
Keogh Thompson Family
Kerryn, Lara & Matty Meanwell
Kevin Kennedy
Kieryn Allen
Kim & Sandra Pogson
Kimberly Morgan-Smith
Klio Norris
Komal Rowe & Das Miller
La Table Resto, Mullumbimby
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Zom Osborne

NB:  As with all lists we may have inadvertently left off some names. If we have please forgive us and let us know and we'll correct the oversight. Also if you would rather not have your name on this list, just let us know and it will be discreeetly removed. Thank you

photo by Gaby Borgardts